Have the BBQ Party at YOUR House!

Have the BBQ Party at YOUR House!

NOTE – don’t just pray your event will go smoothly,
just call Brad 859-319-5000 or Cindy 859-319-4000 Have the BBQ Party at YOUR House!BBQ Cater Richmond, KY

Have the Party at YOUR House!  (or venue of your choice).

We’ll set up buffet style and serve an exceptional – no, OUTSTANDING meal for you and your guests.  Read our testimonials.

BBQ Cater Richmond, KY

Texas Style Dry-Rub BBQ – 100% seasoned Hickory wood for cooking.  No compressed charcoal dust thingies like some of those other guys – this is the real deal.

  • Pulled Pork
  • Brisket
  • Ribs
  • Chicken
  • Brats or Bologna
  • Wicked Beans
  • Lexington Cole Slaw
  • Bread or Rolls

BBQ Catering Richmond, KY Lexington, Kentuckyall served Texas Style – on butcher paper or Plates.  Just tell us how you want it served.

It is an all-day event. Some of the meats like brisket and pulled pork has to smoke and cook for 10+ hrs.  My cooker is a 20’+ long smoker – all iron.  Think of it like a big cast iron pan – all seasoned and makes the best food.  See photos.

  • 60-1500 people. $15/head – Ribs an extra $2/head.
  • ABT (Texas Poppers) – jalapenos stuffed with a special cheese concoction, wrapped in bacon and smoked are $1. each  – perfect appetizer.  Figure on 2-3 poppers per person.

I will serve fewer people than 60, but there is a $900. minimum (it is 2 full days for us with set up, cooking and clean up – and we provide all the meats and beans).

I am not like some of the other guys – I leave the leftovers with you – all bagged up in Zip Lock freezer bags and labeled, you will have tons of food for your guests and leftovers.  I am a 250+ lb guy – I know BBQ – no one will leave hungry.

Here’s the Way We Roll at Lucky Dog BBQ

We are BBQ Caterers

Brad, our Catering Guru will help you fit your budget perfectly by guiding you through your choices of our Award Winning BBQ  and sides, making sure that tons of food is provided to serve your guests and on the other hand, assure that you have not over-ordered for you event wasting your money.

We provide many options:

  • You Pick Up
  • Simple Delivery to your event site.
  • Full service delivery to your event site.  The Lucky Dog BBQ Crew sets up buffet, serves and cleans up.
  • Catering your event at a Winery or Park, etc
  • We bring the Lucky Dog BBQ Catering Wagon to your site
  • We can book a band for your event
  • Coolers with Lemonade and Ice Tea
  • Desserts
  • Special request food items

NOTE – don’t just pray your event will go smoothly,
just call Brad 859-319-5000 or Cindy 859-319-4000