it’s Smoked Turkey time in Danville, Kentucky!

It is smoked Turkey time here in Danville, Kentucky.  Our heros from Greenberg Smoked Turkeys had an excellent write up in the NY Times on their operation.  Part 11 of 2 Spicy, Smoky Holiday Turkey — United Tastes –  and Part 2 –  Spicy, Smoky Holiday Turkey — United Tastes –  click on the link to see that.

In the meantime while we build up to that size  🙂 (Mr Greenberg smokes 200,000+ turkeys every year)  Cindy and I will be smoking turkeys for your Smoked Turkey holiday tradition.

We start with a 12-16 pound bird, brine them, inject them with our secret herbs and spices and smoke them over Hickory for 9 hrs.

Our turkeys must be picked up in Danville, KY right out of the smoker (we currently have no place to store a buncha birds), then you’ll know they are fresh.

I bet you can’t drive home with these smoked turkeys without nibbling.  Smelling that aroma in the car is amazing.

For a chart of how many our turkeys will feed –

Of course, this is a ‘nibblin’ turkey, so grab your favorite beverage and a favorite family member, hide in a corner of the kitchen and nibble away.  🙂

our turkeys are only $40.  Order early!  859-319-5000 or text me.

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